New German Language Brochures Added

New German Language Brochures have been added to the website.   All of the brochures can be downloaded from our brochures page.  All of the original English brochures can also be viewed or downloaded from here also.

Ultra Compact 300L chamber brochure.  

Our newest offering, the Ultra Compact 300L chamber – ideal for testing small samples or where floorspace is at a premium, this range offers maximum performance with a minimal footprint.

New German Language Brochures Corroflex Brochure 

The flexible solution for larger samples, the Corroflex range can be customised to suit your sample size and your available space.

New German Language Brochures Atmosfar Premium Brochure

Designed for fully automatic testing to some of the worlds most stringent test standards, the Atmosfar has been a huge success since launching with many satisfied customers across the globe.

New German Language Brochures

Ascott Accessories Guide 

All of our Test Chamber accessories in one easy to follow brochure, grouped by category, with clear and simple information.

Test Standard Compatibility GuideNew German Language Brochures

This easy-to-use guide suggests the most suitable chamber, along with accessories, for a huge number of popular Test Standards.  A simple colour coded system shows suitable chamber models at a glance.

View or download the New German Language Brochures, we will be adding new brochures to this page regularly, so keep an eye out for new additions.


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