Alpha+ Salt Spray Testing Equipment

Alpha+ Salt Spray Testing Cabinets are designed to appeal to the modern test laboratory. They offer affordability and the equipment is easy to install, simple to operate and reliable in service.

  • A range of 4 salt spray cabinets.
  • Two sizes, with either 500 or 1000 Litre internal capacities (16.6 / 35.3 cu ft).
  • Two models available, S and SP.

S Model FeaturesAscott Analytical Alpha+ S500 - Salt Spray Equipment

  • 3.5” Full colour touch screen control system with temperature graphical and digital display,

    Alpha+ Run Menu

  • Available in multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, German and many more
  • Robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, a durable impact resistant material with strong chemical and corrosion resistant properties to ensure a long life.
  • Fully transparent and seamless domed canopy providing 360 degree visibility. The canopy is self supporting when open.
  • Designed specifically for short-term tests (up to 240 hours duration).
  • Cabinet heated by externally mounted heater mats, protecting them against damage from the corrosive climate inside the cabinet. They also ensure uniform heat distribution inside the cabinet.
  • Heated bubble tower humidifies the compressed air en-route to the salt fog atomizer, in full compliance with international test standards.
  • Bubble tower can be topped up with water automatically, or by hand via the manual filler port.
  • Utilises the atomizers’ venturi effect combined with the air pressure regulator and gauge to deliver a uniform and continuous fall-out of salt  fog on to the samples under test.

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  • Supplied with a 90L external salt water solution tank which is easier to fill and clean than an integral tank.
  • The all plastic atomizer has an integral filter in addition to a filter on the reservoir feed pipe to prevent salt crystal build-up. This build up could block the outlet nozzle and disrupt the test.
  • Cabinets can be operated with a wet or dry base.
  • Insulated non-transparent roof blanket  which offers greater thermal efficiency (available as an option).

SP Model Additional Features

Ascott Analytical Alpha + SP1000

  • SP models are equipped with an advanced control system featuring a peristaltic pump based salt water delivery system, coupled with a user adjustable precision speed controller.
  • Ensures consistent fall-out of salt spray / fog on to the test samples, over longer term duration tests (240+ hours of continuous salt spray testing) especially if such testing is unattended.

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