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Variety of sample holders
Optional Accessory - ACC18 Spiked Sample Rack
Chamber Benefits - Touch Screen Interface
Optional Accessory - ACC15 Mesh Type Racking
Chamber Features - External Salt Solution Reservoir
Chamber Accessory - ACC16/6 General Motors Test Plate Kit
Customised Canopy Colour
electing Chamber Language
Complinace with Japanese Market
Chamber Low Load Threshold
Optional Accessory - ACC16 Slotted Sample Rack
Optional Accessory - ACC19 Reinforced False Floor
Chamber Features - Interior Viewing Window
Chamber Features - Ethernet Connection Port
Cyclic Corrosion Chamber
Single line programming on an Ascott 'IP' corrosion chamber
Ascott @ TUV Rheinland
Optional Accessory - ACC14 Variable Angle Sample Rack
Optional Accessory - ACC17 Rod Type Sample Racks
Chamber Features - Pneumatically Operated Canopy
Chamber Features - High or Low Level Sample Rack Positions
Chamber Benefits - Canopy Dry Seal Gasket
Innovative Touch Screen HMI
Introduction to S2000is - Salt Spray Chamber
Ascott Made in The Midlands Win