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CC300iP Front loading ultra compact cyclic corrosion chamber
CC1000iP for 9 point calibration
S300iS Front Loading Ultra Compact Salt Spray Chamber
Ascott- Leading The Way
Ascott Kesternich SO2 Humidity Chamber
How to create programmes on the Ascott Premium control system
Ascotts innovative premium Touchscreen controller
Ascott chamber set up page
Variety of sample holders
Optional Accessory - ACC18 Spiked Sample Rack
Chamber Features - Interior Viewing Window
Chamber Features - External Salt Solution Reservoir
Chamber Accessory - ACC16/6 General Motors Test Plate Kit
Customised Canopy Colour
Introduction to the Ascott Kesternich Chamber
Programming the Ascott Kesternich Chamber
Ascott Analytical - Ambient Air Drying Function
Ascott Salt spray chamber control system (Alpha+)
Chamber Low Load Threshold
Optional Accessory - ACC16 Slotted Sample Rack
Optional Accessory - ACC19 Reinforced False Floor
Chamber Features - Ethernet Connection Port
Cyclic Corrosion Chamber
Selecting Chamber Language
Compliance with Japanese Market
How to program the Ascott Alpha + Controller
Pneumatically operating canopy
Ascott Analytical - Test Sample Agenda Function
Overview of the Ascott Cyclic Corrosion Chamber
Optional Accessory - ACC14 Variable Angle Sample Rack
Optional Accessory - ACC19 Reinforced False Floor
Chamber Features - High or Low Level Sample Rack Positions
Introduction to S2000is - Salt Spray Chamber
Ascott Made in The Midlands Win
Ascott @ TUV Rheinland
Optional Accessory - ACC17 Rod Type Sample Racks


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