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ISO 9227 / VDA 233-102 Test Panels

Ascott can now offer CR4 test panels in accordance with the specification in ISO 9227 and VDA 233-102. The panels are supplied as standard with a Certificate of Conformance and UKAS approved test certificate in accordance with ISO 3654.  For further information or to buy online, click here 

ACC131 – ISO 9227 Test Panels

CorroFlex Corrosion Chambers

Developed as a flexible capacity range of corrosion chambers, the new CorroFlex range is available in salt spray and cyclic corrosion derivatives, in a wide variety of dimensions.

Specifically developed to allow the testing of large, heavy and difficult to handle test specimens.

CorroFlex Corrosion Chambers, Ascott Analytical, UK manufacturers, Salt Spray Test Chambers

Walk-in/Drive-in Corrosion Test Rooms

Walk-in/Drive-in Corrosion Test Rooms - Ascott Analytical

Developed to accommodate the increasing demand for testing larger and heavier components, Ascott is now able to offer walk in corrosion and climatic rooms.  For further details see the News section.

Ford / Volvo / Scania Upgrade kit for Cyclic (CC) Chambers

Ford / Volvo / Scania Upgrade kit for Cyclic (CC) ChambersDeveloped to increase the automotive test capability of an Ascott cyclic chamber, this new accessory adds 6 very important test standards to their capabilities; ISO 16701, Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, Volvo VCS 1027,149 (ACT-1), Volvo VCS 1027,1449 (ACT-2), Volvo STD 423-0014, Scania STD4319.

For further details see the News section.


The Atmosfär family of test chambers was developed to meet the most demanding automotive corrosion test standards that require tight control of temperature down to -40°C, with controlled humidity and precision pluviometry.

However … many popular automotive test standards do not require such extreme temperatures.

The NEW AtmosfärLite is for advanced automotive test standards with temperatures >20°C, including:

  • ISO 16701, Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, Volvo VCS 1027,149 (ACT-1), Volvo VCS 1027,1449 (ACT-2), Volvo STD 423-0014, Volvo STD 1027,1375, GMW14872, CCT1 & CCT2, VDA621-415, Scania STD4319

AtmosfarLite, Ascott Analytical

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