Salt Spray Chamber Control

Standard and Premium model specifications to cover every need:

Ascott standard salt sprayAscott premium salt spray

Standard chambers feature all the facilities described in the chamber key features and have:

  • alpha-numeric messaging interface for programming and control commands
  • hours run counter

Standard chambers cover the requirements for continuous salt spray testing to ASTM B117 & similar international salt spray test standards.

Premium chambers feature all the facilities of the Standard models and:

  • colour touch screen, menu driven programming with graphical logging actual & set conditions
  • user programmable for ‘modified’ salt spray tests

For Salt Spray Testing to ASTM B117, ASTM G85 (Annex A1, A2, A3, A4* & A5), Humidity Testing to ASTM D2247 & similar test standards.

*requires optional accessory; ACC46