Alpha+ Humidity Test Cabinets

Alpha+ humidity test cabinets for saturated/condensation humidity testing

Alpha+ humidity test cabinets are affordable, easy to install & simple to operate.

Alpha+ H500 humidity test cabinet - Ascott Analytical Equipment

  • Two sizes, with either 500 or 1000 Litre internal capacities (16.6 / 35.3 cu ft).
  • Robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, a durable impact resistant material with strong chemical and corrosion resistant properties to ensure a long life.
  • Fully transparent and seamless domed canopy providing 360-degree visibility, self-supporting when open.
  • Easy to install – minimal number of external service connections
  • Simple to operate – intuitive 3.5” Full colour touch screen control system with temperature graphical and digital display
  • Reliable – uncomplicated design backed by many years of manufacturing experience
  • Manufactured from a robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, combined with other non-corroding materials, to guarantee a trouble free long life.
  • Visually striking, transparent domed roof providing unimpeded 360° viewing of the cabinet interior.
  • Latching roof stays for ease of loading.
  • Self-regenerating water trap seal, preventing salt fog escaping during operation.
  • Ergonomically positioned menu-driven touch screen controller for comfortable and intuitive control.
  • Timed stop facility and hours run counter.
    Alpha+ Run Menu
  • Available in multiple languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Chinese, German and many more
  • Maximised cross-sectional load area, enabling a large number of samples to be tested at any one time, without compromising ergonomics.
  • Supplied with complimentary corrosion proof sample holders.
  • Internal base loading platform available as an optional accessory to enable large/heavy objects to be located in the base of the cabinet.
  • Precise temperature controlled, high humidity environment. Water held in a sump located in the cabinet base, is heated by an immersion heater to generate water vapour.  As water vapour evaporates, it saturates the cabinet atmosphere with moisture. Test samples in the cabinet, below the dew-point temperature of the saturated air, will develop surface condensation.
  • By careful design, the high humidity environment is achieved without the need for a circulation fan, which would otherwise have to endure the hostile, high humidity environment.
  • Safety cut-outs ensure the immersion heater is automatically isolated if the water reservoir runs dry.
  • User can programme either a single set temperature, or automatically cycle the cabinet temperature between two different temperatures for user-defined periods of time.
  • Automatic filling and topping up of the humidity water reservoir if connected to a pressurised water supply
  • Manufactured to comply with DIN 50017-KK, DIN 50014-KTW, ISO 6270-2 CH,

Cleveland Roof also available for Alpha H500

The Cleveland style roof accessory provides the structure for the test panels provide the actual roof of the cabinet, room air on the top side of the panel cools them to a couple of degrees below the vapour temperature, this temperature difference allows the condensate to form directly on the underside of the test panels.

For testing to specific standards including; DIN50017, ISO 6270-1, VDA621-421, Volvo STD423-0018, ASTM D4585, BS3900/ASTMD2247.

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