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Ascott Analytical Equipment was established 35 years ago as a specialist manufacturer of corrosion test cabinets. Today we’re one of the leading suppliers of salt spray cabinets and cyclic corrosion cabinets in the World. Our business is totally focused on corrosion test equipment, we don’t make anything else and this provides a degree of expertise that the competition can’t match.

Based in Tamworth, where all of our cabinets are manufactured, we export to all corners of the world, winning multiple awards for our export successes.

Our latest corrosion cabinet range embodies customer led innovation, blending performance and technical excellence. The creation and control of corrosive climates has never been more demanding. The development of new materials and surface coatings, plus increasing user expectations gives rise to ever more rigorous testing. This is our forte. Let our expertise be your reassurance that choosing an Ascott chamber will ensure your testing is precise, compliant and repeatable.

Our equipment leads the world technically, but we also pride ourselves on offering excellent value for money, if you’re looking for a solution for your corrosion tests requirements then don’t delay, contact Ascott today.

Salt Spray chamber S1000is cabinet 1000L Ascott Analytical Corrosion chamberSalt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers

The salt spray test (also known as salt fog or salt mist) has been the bench-mark corrosion test in many industries for decades. With such a long history, so much test data and many international test standards written around it, it remains a very popular choice as a relatively quick comparative test, to check whether or not test samples corrode in accordance with expectations. Its main application is therefore to audit the effectiveness of a production process.

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SCyclic corrosion chamber CC1000ip cabinet 1000L Ascott Analytical Cyclic Corrosion chamberCyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Testing is a means of recreating/accelerating a variety of corrosive climates, within the convenience of a test chamber. It is a useful test for predicting the life expectancy of materials and components under simulated service life conditions. It has gained wide acceptance, particularly in the automotive industry, where many manufacturers have developed their own CCT standards.   For more information on Cyclic Corrosion chambers

AT1300IP PremiumAtmosfär Corrosion Test Chambers

Based on the Ascott CCT chamber, the Atmosfär is equipped with additional features to enable it to comply with the specific automotive test requirements for Ford and Volvo. Most notably this includes the application of salt spray from a high-level ‘swaying’ spray bar, vertical high velocity air drying, refrigerated dehumidification, and a psychrometric humidity measurement system.

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Kesternich SO2 Humidity Test Chambers

Ascott Kesternich Chamber

Kesternich test is the common name for a corrosion test combining humidity with sulfur dioxide (SO2) producing acidic rain, in chamber Capacity of 300L. The test method is defined by various standards, DIN EN ISO 6988, DIN 50018, ASTM G87, ISO 3231, ISO 22479 are the most common tests.
The chamber can be used as a condensate humidity chamber, as well as an SO2 chamber, or an SO2 Humidity chamber. the canopy is hermetically sealed and pneumatically held closed for user safety.

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CorroFlex custom size Test Chambers

Ascotts latest innovative product range is the CorroFlex range of salt spray or cyclic corrosion test chambers, which are custom built to your requirements and size. The CorroFlex chambers can be up-to 4m /157” internal width and either 1m/40″ or 1.5m/60” internal depth (contact us for any sizes outside of this range) and with a weight capacity upto 500kg /1100lbs as standard.

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Walk in / Drive in Corrosion Rooms

Ascott was recently acquired by Weiss Technik GmbH, world market leader for environmental simulation systems. As a part of this acquisition Ascott can now offer Walk in / Drive in Corrosion rooms manufactured by Weiss Technik, for testing large items such a EV Battery packs or complete vehicles. With the joint expertise of Weiss Technik and Ascott Analytical you can rest assured your testing will remain compliant and repeatable. If you would like a quote for a walk in corrosion room please get in touch

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