Ascott – À la pointe de la conception des chambres

Ascott Analytical Equipment a été créé il y a 30 ans en tant que fabricant spécialisé d’armoires d’essai de corrosion. Aujourd’hui, nous sommes l’un des principaux fournisseurs d’armoires à pulvérisation de sel et d’armoires à corrosion cycliques dans le monde. Notre entreprise est totalement axée sur l’équipement d’essai de corrosion, nous ne faisons rien d’autre et cela fournit un degré d’expertise que notre concurrence ne peut égaler.

Basé à Tamworth où tous nos coffrets sont fabriqués, nous exportons aux quatre coins du monde, remportant trois prix pour notre succès à l’exportation en 2017.

Our latest corrosion cabinet range embodies customer led innovation, blending performance and technical excellence. The creation and control of corrosive climates has never been more demanding. The development of new materials and surface coatings, plus increasing user expectations gives rise to ever more rigorous testing. This is our forte. Let our expertise be your reassurance that choosing an Ascott chamber will ensure your testing is precise, compliant and repeatable.

Notre équipement mène le monde techniquement, mais nous sommes également fiers d’offrir un excellent rapport qualité/prix, si vous êtes à la recherche d’une solution pour vos exigences de tests de corrosion alors ne tardez pas, contactez Ascott aujourd’hui.

Chambre de pulvérisation de sel S1000is cabinet 1000L Ascott Salle de corrosion analytiqueSalt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers

The salt spray test (also known as salt fog or salt mist) has been the bench-mark corrosion test in many industries for decades. With such a long history, so much test data and many international test standards written around it, it remains a very popular choice as a relatively quick comparative test, to check whether or not test samples corrode in accordance with expectations. It’s main application is therefore to audit the effectiveness of a production process.

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Chambre de corrosion SCyclique CC1000ip cabinet 1000L Ascott Analytical Cyclique Corrosion chambreCyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Testing is a means of recreating/accelerating a variety of corrosive climates, within the convenience of a test chamber. It is a useful test for predicting the life expectancy of materials and components under simulated service life conditions. It has gained wide acceptance, particularly in the automotive industry, where many manufacturers have developed their own CCT standards. Pour plus d’informations sur les chambres de corrosion cyclique

Chambre Atmosfar AT1300ip Armoire de corrosion cyclique Ascott Analytical Corrosion chambre

Atmosfär Corrosion Test Chambers

Based on the Ascott CCT chamber, the Atmosfar is equipped with additional features to enable it to comply with the specific automotive test requirements for Ford and Volvo. Most notably this includes the application of salt spray from a high-level ‘swaying’ spray bar, vertical high velocity air drying, refrigerated dehumidification, and a psychrometric humidity measurement system.

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