Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan, October 25th – 27th 2016

Ascott’s attendance at this year’s Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan was a welcome return after choosing to sit-out last year’s show. Being close to our distributor; Comtels; office in nearby Livonia and in the centre of their rep coverage area, this Expo was a great opportunity to meet with the reps individually, who all […]

DMS Chromium Plating

DMS Chromium Plating is a long standing customer of Ascott Analytical, during the last 6 months not only have DMS purchased two new S450IS chambers to replace their existing aging Ascott units, but they’ve also just taken delivery of a new Alpha + H500. The company, based in Kidderminster chromium plates for a number of […]

Automotive Testing Expo in Stuttgart

In June Ascott exhibited at the European Automotive Testing Expo at the Stuttgart Messe in Germany. This was the third of four such shows we are attending in 2016. The first was held in Seoul, Korea in January, the second in Chennai, India in April. The Shows focus on a wide variety of automotive component […]


During development of an oscillating spray bar for the Atmosfar chamber to ensure close compliance with pluviometry requirements of Volvo Std-423-0014 (ACT-1), Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 (ACT-2) and Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, the Ascott development team were faced with a challenge. Actuation of the spray bar would normally require some form of access hole for the […]

2016 Automotive Testing Expo in Chennai

Ascott exhibited at the Indian Automotive Testing Expo held in Chennai from April 20th – 22nd at the Chennai Trade centre. This was the second of four such shows we are attending in 2016. The first was held in Seoul, Korea in January and the contrast between this and the temperature/humidity in Chennai couldn’t have […]

Ascott Reaches New Heights … Again!!

To improve upon wooden blocks and other ad hoc methods Ascott have developed a kit for raising the height of chambers on site. The kit is very easily fitted, the chamber is simply lifted with a fork lift truck and extension stilts lock into the fabricated frame on all 4 corners. Once lowered the chamber […]

Ascott Passes It’s Bike Test!!

The footprint of the Indian Bajaj Group stretches over a wide range of industries, spanning automotive, home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance. The flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is the second largest manufacturer of Motorcycles in India and currently produces around 650,000 motorcycles a year, the brand is well known throughout Latin […]

2016 Automotive Testing Expo in Seoul

The ‘Automotive Testing’ series of exhibitions are focused entirely on vehicle and associated systems testing within the automotive industry, and are intended to appeal to test and quality engineers working in this sector. These exhibitions started in Germany and have spread to other countries where significant automotive manufacturing takes place, including South Korea, India, China […]

Psychrometric Humidity Measurement and Control (PSY-MAC) for Atmosfär chambers

The Atmosfär chamber, which Ascott first launched in 2013, has now received an addition to its humidity control and measurement system, featuring precision psychrometric technology. We call this new system PSY-MAC for short. Summary Features & Benefits A solution developed in conjunction with Volvo as an approved test mechanism for the Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 […]

S450iS Reaches New Heights!!

The Ascott development team recently went the extra mile during the manufacture of a S450IS chamber for a customer in France. Unable to position the chamber with access to a low level drain, a custom high level chassis was developed to raise the entire unit by 230mm, allowing gravity to take its natural course when […]