Ascott Passes It’s Bike Test!!

The footprint of the Indian Bajaj Group stretches over a wide range of industries, spanning automotive, home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance.

The flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is the second largest manufacturer of Motorcycles in India and currently produces around 650,000 motorcycles a year, the brand is well known throughout Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia and the company is the World’s fourth largest manufacturer of two and three wheeled vehicles.

Bajaj started manufacturing motorcycles in 1962 and now operates from three different sites in India, employing around 800 workers.

The R & D Centre located in Pune had a requirement to test motorcycle components to a range of environmental test standards including ASTM B117, CASS, VDA and JASO Cyclic standards.

To enable this testing Bajaj purchased 4 chambers from Ascott representative in the region, Unitron, including a CC2000XP which can test fully assembled motorcycles.

Bajaj selected Ascott and Unitron as supply partners because of Ascott’s excellent reputation for reliability coupled with Unitron’s reputation for customer service.

Bajaj is considering installing Ascott chambers in its other two manufacturing sites and is additionally insisting it’s sub-contractors test their components in Ascott environmental test chambers.


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