During development of an oscillating spray bar for the Atmosfar chamber to ensure close compliance with pluviometry requirements of Volvo Std-423-0014 (ACT-1), Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 (ACT-2) and Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, the Ascott development team were faced with a challenge.

Actuation of the spray bar would normally require some form of access hole for the drive shaft.

Wishing to cut no more holes in the inside of the cabinet than absolutely necessary the Ascott development team came up with an innovative new drive mechanism, the MAG-DRIVETM (Patent Pending).

Outside the fibreglass test chamber sits the drive mechanism, connected to a circular drive plate containing high attraction rare earth magnets.  Inside the chamber on the end of the oscillating spray bar sits another circular drive plate, again containing rare earth magnets.  Such is the attractive force of these magnets that the magnetic force between the two drive plates is strong enough to operate through the thick fibreglass wall of the chamber.

With no direct contact between the drive plates the MAG-DRIVETM operates as a clutch, should anything get in the way of the spray bar during operation it will simply stop moving.

If you wish to operate the chamber without the spray bar, as it has no permanent drive or mounting mechanism it can simply be removed to return the chamber to standard operation.


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