2016 Automotive Testing Expo in Seoul

The ‘Automotive Testing’ series of exhibitions are focused entirely on vehicle and associated systems testing within the automotive industry, and are intended to appeal to test and quality engineers working in this sector.

These exhibitions started in Germany and have spread to other countries where significant automotive manufacturing takes place, including South Korea, India, China and the USA.

The shows tend to attract our core customers, in good numbers, so we have been increasing our attendance every year. Since 2015 Ascott have exhibited at all 5 of these venues.

The 2016 exhibition season began in January with the Automotive Testing Show at the ‘Kintex’ exhibition centre, located just outside Seoul in South Korea, at which Ascott exhibited a 1000L cyclic corrosion test chamber. The booth was staffed by Chris Gates the Managing Director of Ascott, who was assisted by Mr Su Ik Lee the boss of local agent; Lee Su Trade and his two engineers.

Lee Su Trade have represented Ascott successfully for many years in Korea and have helped to establish Ascott as a brand leader in the market there, with many well-known Korean companies using our products, including;

As usual, we received a great deal of interest and a lot of new customer enquiries at the show, as well as showing off our latest products to old customers. We had a busy three days as the photographs illustrate!

As you will also see from the photos, we are all wearing overcoats inside the exhibition hall!.  The temperature was -15C outside and didn’t feel much warmer inside!! The heating system was simply unable to cope with such cold temperatures. Fortunately next year the exhibition dates for this show have been moved to March, so it should be a little warmer.


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