NEW Guardian Angel

Available immediately we’re introducing a new range of accessories, the Guardian Angel. The new accessory comprises a modular light alarm that can now be fitted to the top of all Ascott iP chambers, regardless of size. When the chamber is in daily use in the laboratory it allows the occupants of the area to see […]


During development of an oscillating spray bar for the Atmosfar chamber to ensure close compliance with pluviometry requirements of Volvo Std-423-0014 (ACT-1), Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 (ACT-2) and Ford CETP 00.00-L-467, the Ascott development team were faced with a challenge. Actuation of the spray bar would normally require some form of access hole for the […]

Ascott Reaches New Heights … Again!!

To improve upon wooden blocks and other ad hoc methods Ascott have developed a kit for raising the height of chambers on site. The kit is very easily fitted, the chamber is simply lifted with a fork lift truck and extension stilts lock into the fabricated frame on all 4 corners. Once lowered the chamber […]

Psychrometric Humidity Measurement and Control (PSY-MAC) for Atmosfär chambers

The Atmosfär chamber, which Ascott first launched in 2013, has now received an addition to its humidity control and measurement system, featuring precision psychrometric technology. We call this new system PSY-MAC for short. Summary Features & Benefits A solution developed in conjunction with Volvo as an approved test mechanism for the Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 […]

S450iS Reaches New Heights!!

The Ascott development team recently went the extra mile during the manufacture of a S450IS chamber for a customer in France. Unable to position the chamber with access to a low level drain, a custom high level chassis was developed to raise the entire unit by 230mm, allowing gravity to take its natural course when […]

Rotork Controls

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical process and actuation equipment, Rotork Controls, has enhanced its design and testing capability with the latest generation corrosion testing system from Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd. Building on its long-standing use of Ascott equipment, the move reflects Rotork Controls’ commitment to quality and the critical role played by […]

New Renault Test Kit

Ascott Analytical Equipment has developed an adaptation of its latest range of cyclic corrosion chambers to suit major vehicle manufacturer, Renault, and its suppliers worldwide. Based on a CC1000iP unit, the adaptation is centred on a kit that comprises a series of special attachments to meet Renault’s D17 2028 cyclic corrosion test standard – commonly […]

Launch of new Atmosfär chamber at Scandinavian Coatings Show

Ascott are pleased to announce that their ‘new baby’ was safely delivered at the Scandinavian Coatings Show in May after a successful 18 month gestation! The Volvo & Ford CCT test standards are unlike other automotive corrosion tests in the way the salt solution is applied to the samples. The application method is to spray […]

Ascott CC450ip for demanding GMW14872 test for LG Electronics, Korea

In association with our agent in South Korea, Lee Su Trade, we are pleased to announce that L G Electronics Korea will shortly receive their first Ascott CC450iP cyclic corrosion test chamber, equipped with an optional air temperature conditioning unit. The primary application for the chamber will be to follow the demanding GMW14872 test standard, […]