Ford / Volvo / Scania kit for Cyclic (CC) Chambers

Ford / Volvo / Scania kit for Cyclic (CC) Chambers, Ascott Analytical

This new accessory adds 6 very important test standards to the capabilities of our cyclic chamber range, as listed below;

  • ISO 16701
  • Ford CETP 00.00-L-467
  • Volvo VCS 1027,149 (ACT-1)
  • Volvo VCS 1027,1449 (ACT-2)
  • Volvo STD 423-0014
  • Scania STD4319

This new accessory includes a psychrometric humidity system for accurate monitoring and control of humidity, a re-circulating airflow system passing air uniformly over the test samples, which introduces heat and humidity and works in conjunction with the air distribution bar to enhance the chambers performance.

Additionally, it is also equipped with multiple elevated spray nozzles to provide a salt solution ‘shower’ over the samples, to ensure they are wetted to the degree required in these highly demanding standards.

The new accessory will be available to fit 3 chambers sizes as below;

  • ACC125/1 – Upgrade kit for CC450iP
  • ACC125/2 – Upgrade kit for CC1000iP
  • ACC125/3 – Upgrade kit for CC2000iP

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