Change to Midi Unit Design

In order to improve chamber performance Ascott is changing the design of the ACC112 Midi Dehumidification Unit.

New Midi Unit Piping, Change to Midi Unit Design

The design change impacts the size, the type of piping used for air inlet and outlets, the design of the interface, and some new features have been added.

The new design utilises rigid piping instead of flexible hoses for air inlet and outlet, this will reduce the potential for water collection in the pipe, and also stops the pipes from sagging.

New Midi Unit Piping and Interface

This change improves the on-going performance of the unit, ensures more consistent results, and will improve lifetime reliability of the system.  The interface has also been improved as part of this design change.

The new ACC112 also has a longer body, which has been lengthened to improve aesthetics / alignment with the chamber (the front panel sits in line with the front of the chamber), this has a significant extra benefit in that if a system is ordered with a psychrometric humidity measurement system this will now be installed inside the Midi Unit instead of being installed as a side mounted module on the chamber.

New Midi Unit

The Midi Unit has been upgraded with the addition of side mounted refrigeration gauges, making it much easier to monitor refrigeration pressures and control the humidity generation atomiser.


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