NEW Guardian Angel

Available immediately we’re introducing a new range of accessories, the Guardian Angel.

The new accessory comprises a modular light alarm that can now be fitted to the top of all Ascott iP chambers, regardless of size.

When the chamber is in daily use in the laboratory it allows the occupants of the area to see the status of the chamber visually at a distance depending on the colour of the status light;

GREEN …. Everything is operating correctly.

AMBER …. The chamber has a small problem which will eventually need attention but is still operational, for example air Saturator water levels.

RED …. The chamber operation has been stopped and needs immediate attention, for example over temperature.

The chamber mounting system allows the light to be set at the desired angle and locked in place, and should the operator decide that they don’t need to have the light alarm operational it easily unclips from the mounting and the connection can be covered with the included plastic cap.  Should the operator not wish to see a green light whilst the chamber is operating correctly the green module can be removed from the assembly. The operator can also do the same for the amber light, leaving only the red light module operational should they so wish.

Three different variants of the light alarm are available, the standard version, a USB connected version, and an Ethernet connected version.  The USB and Ethernet versions can be remotely monitored on a PC with the use of software supplied with the system, this software also supports e-mail notification when an alarm is triggered.  Should a standard system be purchased which the operator wishes to connect in the future, upgrade packs are also available.


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