Why Ascott Chambers have Automatic Purge!

When we consider the many unique features of Ascott chambers it’s easy to forget the air purge.  Some view the 7 minutes the canopy is locked after completion of the cycle as an inconvenience.

The value of the automatic purge in preventing corrosive mist from attacking the local environment can be seen in the photographs below.

The first photograph clearly shows a cabinet distributing salt air into the local environment to settle on the floor, allowing corrosive mist to settle on other pieces of expensive testing equipment.

The second photograph shows how the salt mist has escaped and corroded a radiator located behind the cabinet.

The third shows how much corrosion escaping salt fog can cause to a cabinet itself.

The auto purge also prevents a significant risk to health.

Conditions that exist inside an air saturator are ideal for supporting the growth of legionella bacteria, once airborne if allowed to escape the chamber the mist can directly enter the lungs of those working in the facility and poses a serious health risk

The Ascott automatic purge should be viewed in a similar fashion to the way that we view seat belts in cars, yes they get in the way and can be an inconvenience, but we all understand why they should be worn, as the photographs show it’s a natural human instinct to want to see what’s going on inside, if the operating unit can be opened then it will be opened!!!!


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