The Lowdown on Thoughtful Design

When we launched our innovative low loading threshold it was a revolution in design.  Many chambers have high sides and can be difficult to access.

Not only are high sided chambers a potential safety issue, as there is a real risk of overbalancing when loading or unloading samples, but also having to use steps or makeshift solutions such as stacked pallets to be able to reach into the chamber, adds another risk.

Ascott were the first manufacturer to solve this issue with our ground-breaking low load threshold design which negates these risks, and has been welcomed by users worldwide, especially when testing heavy samples.  These can be placed in the chamber without having to resort to dangerous lifting practices.


The low loading threshold also protects users clothing from becoming wet and contaminated with salt solution from the edges of the chamber.

low loading

The iconic Ascott design not only looks good, it is safer and more user friendly.  Just one of the many reasons we lead the world in corrosion testing chambers!


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