New Exhaust Scrubber

The new Ascott Analytical salt scrubber is now available – designed to remove highly corrosive salt from the chamber exhaust without the need to vent to atmosphere outside the building.

Self-contained and easily located alongside any Ascott salt spray chamber, the unit requires only a connection to the exhaust outlet, a floor level drain, a single-phase electricity and a pressurised water supply.

“The development allows corrosion analysis to be undertaken at the most convenient location and minimises the need for ducting or ventilation,” says Ascott Analytical MD, Chris Gates.

He points out that the unit condenses salt-water droplets from the exhaust which then combines for washing out with liquid that is retained in the base of the unit. The design uses a re-circulating spray system via an integral water pump, thereby minimising water wastage.

Key equipment facts

-Self-contained, compact design – with a footprint of less than 35 cm x 35 cm and a height of less than 64 cm

-Easily positioned alongside salt spray chamber

-Re-circulating spray minimises water wastage

-Minimal connection requirement

-Opens up opportunity to locate test chamber virtually anywhere in a production environment


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