Global Presence at Coatings Shows

Over the last 6 months Ascott has attending trade shows focussed on the coatings industry on two different continents, generating a number of enquiries and a great deal of interest.

At the end of November 2016 Ascott exhibited at the ChinaCoat Show in the Canton Fair Complex in Guangzhou.

Exhibiting the CC1000iP, the exhibition was manned and supported by representatives of Ascott’s distributor for China, Shanghai Maoshan, and the stand received visitors from a number of large International Groups including; Nippon Paint, Danfoss, and BASF, whilst most of the attendees were from the Chinese market visitors to the Ascott stand were also received from; Indonesia, India, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Pakistan and Brazil.

At the beginning of April 2017 Ascott exhibited at the European Coatings Show in Nurnberg, supported by German distributor AES.  As a truly International show, during the three days Ascott’s stand was visited by attendees from 34 different countries, from International Groups such as BASF, Scania, Axalta, Fuchs, Beckers, Audi, Scania and BMW.

Exhibiting a CC450iP and connected ATCU, for this Show Ascott utilised a new animated display for the oscillating spray bar system and also demonstrated the Guardian Angel accessory for the first time.

Attendance at these two International Shows demonstrates the importance of the coatings industry and our commitment to developing this market for Ascott on a Global basis.


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