CorroFlex Large Capacity Corrosion Chambers from Ascott

In addition to our wide range of corrosion test chambers for salt spray and cyclic test standards, in light of increasing demand for testing large components and assemblies, Ascott now offers CorroFlex, a range of flexible dimension front loading corrosion test cabinets, with width and depth variable in 0.5m (19.7”) increments to provide larger/smaller internal capacities.

The new Ascott CorroFlex range of front loading corrosion chambers are available in two specifications; The salt spray derivative (CFS) provides the same level of performance and standards compatibility as the Ascott SiS models, and the cyclic derivative (CF) which provides the same level as the Ascott CC range.

Available with an internal load capacity of up to 4M, the new range of chambers provide a test space suitable for testing very large specimens.

Further details of the new range can be found in the Ascott ‘resources\brochures’ section of this website.


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