Ascott Passes It’s Bike Test!!

The footprint of the Indian Bajaj Group stretches over a wide range of industries, spanning automotive, home appliances, lighting, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance. The flagship company, Bajaj Auto, is the second largest manufacturer of Motorcycles in India and currently produces around 650,000 motorcycles a year, the brand is well known throughout Latin […]

2016 Automotive Testing Expo in Seoul

The ‘Automotive Testing’ series of exhibitions are focused entirely on vehicle and associated systems testing within the automotive industry, and are intended to appeal to test and quality engineers working in this sector. These exhibitions started in Germany and have spread to other countries where significant automotive manufacturing takes place, including South Korea, India, China […]

Psychrometric Humidity Measurement and Control (PSY-MAC) for Atmosfär chambers

The Atmosfär chamber, which Ascott first launched in 2013, has now received an addition to its humidity control and measurement system, featuring precision psychrometric technology. We call this new system PSY-MAC for short. Summary Features & Benefits A solution developed in conjunction with Volvo as an approved test mechanism for the Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 […]

S450iS Reaches New Heights!!

The Ascott development team recently went the extra mile during the manufacture of a S450IS chamber for a customer in France. Unable to position the chamber with access to a low level drain, a custom high level chassis was developed to raise the entire unit by 230mm, allowing gravity to take its natural course when […]

Rotork Controls

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical process and actuation equipment, Rotork Controls, has enhanced its design and testing capability with the latest generation corrosion testing system from Ascott Analytical Equipment Ltd. Building on its long-standing use of Ascott equipment, the move reflects Rotork Controls’ commitment to quality and the critical role played by […]

New Exhaust Scrubber

The new Ascott Analytical salt scrubber is now available – designed to remove highly corrosive salt from the chamber exhaust without the need to vent to atmosphere outside the building. Self-contained and easily located alongside any Ascott salt spray chamber, the unit requires only a connection to the exhaust outlet, a floor level drain, a […]

New Renault Test Kit

Ascott Analytical Equipment has developed an adaptation of its latest range of cyclic corrosion chambers to suit major vehicle manufacturer, Renault, and its suppliers worldwide. Based on a CC1000iP unit, the adaptation is centred on a kit that comprises a series of special attachments to meet Renault’s D17 2028 cyclic corrosion test standard – commonly […]

Alcoa Fastenings

Alcoa Fastenings, manufacturers of fixings & fasteners, have been successfully testing their products in one of our chambers for the past 5 years. By comparison to some of the test standards that can be obtained by an Ascott chamber, the duration of the test for this product is unusually only 2 hours long! Which is […]

Introducing our new innovative adjustable sample rack

Accommodates test panels over a range of thicknesses and at the right angle Many Ascott customers test for corrosion resistance using test panels (also called coupons) which represent the material and surface coatings, used for the finished product. Not only are these test panels available in a variety of materials and finishes, but they are […]

Midland Powder Coatings

Midland Powder Coatings ( first contacted Ascott in the Autumn of 2013. Wishing to bring their requirement for corrosion testing ‘in house’ they worked with Ascott to identify the correct corrosion chamber for their needs. In choosing an Ascott S450iP chamber, they are able to perform the typical salt spray tests such as ASTM B117, […]