Corrosion Testing Standards

The test standard summaries are for general guidance only. Though believed to be accurate at the time of writing, this may change over time. So this information should not be used as a substitute for referring to a complete test standard, at an appropriate revision level.

Note: the terms salt spray, salt mist and salt fog are all in wide spread use within corrosion test standards. In this context they can be considered to be equivalent and interchangeable terms.


Standard Practice for Exposure of Metals and Alloys by Alternate Immersion in Neutral 3.5 % Sodium Chloride Solution.

This standard covers procedures for making alternate immersion stress corrosion tests in 3.5% sodium chloride, used primarily for tests of aluminium alloys and ferrous alloys but maybe used for other metals exhibiting susceptibility to chloride ions.

The test utilises a 1 hour cycle that includes a 10 minute period in an aqueous solution of 3.5% sodium chloride followed by a 50 minute period out of the solution during which the specimens are allowed to dry. This 1 hour cycle is continued 24 h/day for the total number of days recommended for the particular alloy being tested, typically from 20 to 90 days or longer depending upon the resistance of the alloy to corrosion by saltwater