Salt Spray Chambers – Condensation Humidity Mode – how it works

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This mode of operation is provided as standard on all S IP Premium models of Ascott salt spray chambers, which enables them to be used for condensation humidity testing, as well as salt spray testing. It provides a facility whereby the chamber can be used to create condensation humidity conditions (fixed at 95 to 100%RH) at elevated temperatures (variable from ambient +10C/+50F to +50C/+122F) and is designed to meet a wide range of international standards for such testing. The control system of the Premium models enables the user to program either a salt spray test or condensation humidity, to occur alone, such as ASTM B117 & ASTM D2247, or in sequence with each other , as a simple two part cycle, such as those required by ASTM G85, for automatic execution by the chamber.