Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Test Chambers & Cabinets - Ascott Analytical Automotive Test Chambers - UK, USA & Worldwide

Corrosion is, quite literally, eating away at the profits of virtually every manufacturer on the planet and is similarly eating into the pocket of any consumer who buys the products of those manufacturers. Corrosion is no stranger to most of us, but the science of minimising its effects is a very specialized field, where only the most experienced can provide the answers industry needs.

Here at Ascott, we pride ourselves in being in the vanguard of corrosion testing technology. Our speciality is the creation of closely controlled corrosive environments within different sizes of enclosure, generally known as corrosion test chambers or cabinets.

Samples for testing are placed inside these chambers to determine their corrosion resistance, often in accordance with internationally recognized corrosion test standards. The chambers we manufacture are grouped into three product types:

Salt Spray Test Chambers

Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

Atmosfar Corrosion Test Chambers