So2 Portable Detector (0-20ppm) Non-rechargeable

Ideal for protection of personnel working with the chamber to detect any potential leaks in the chamber or on connecting exhaust systems.

Compact and lightweight: Ultra small size and low weight makes the Detector comfortable to wear during a full shift in a pocket or on a belt or alternatively it can be kept with the chamber as a permanent safety feature.

Striking and powerful alarms: Intense flashing red/blue combined visual alarm LEDs with 95dBA sounder and interval vibrating alarm provide the wearer with effective warning of potential gas hazards. Two instantaneous levels of alarm are available.

Rugged casing: Robust polycarbonate case with full elastomeric over moulding for impact resistance and durability even in the harshest industrial environments

Easy and safe to use: Simple single button operation and large, clear, easy to read display indicating the gas concentration and operational status

Advance warning of calibration due: The detector provides a start up warning of expiry of valid calibration starting 30 days in advance.

Non-rechargeable Battery: Each detector is supplied with a non-rechargeable Lithium battery giving upto 2 years operation.

IP65 and IP67 ingress protection