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Ascott Corrosion Test Chambers

World leaders in salt spray cabinets, salt spray chambers and cyclic corrosion chambers for corrosion testing

Atmosfär chamber

Designed for fully automatic laboratory-accelerated atmospheric corrosion testing to:

Ford CETP 00.00-L-467
Volvo VCS 1027, 149
Volvo VCS 1027, 1449 (ACT-2)
Volvo STD 423-0014 (ACT-1)
Volvo STD 1027,1375
ISO 16701
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Atmosfär chamber

Atmosfär chamber
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Atmosfär is designed for more standard tests
Atmosfär also complies with other corrosion test standards including:
ASTM, DEF/MIL, IEC, ISO, JIS and others
GM, ISO, JIS, P-VW, SAE, VDA and others

Contact us for more information about Atmosfär chambers.

We are proud to announce this year that Ascott celebrates "25 Years of Innovation" having built a long-standing company on the key values of in-house original equipment manufacturing and product development.

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