Corrosion Testing Standards

The test standard summaries are for general guidance only. Though believed to be accurate at the time of writing, this may change over time. So this information should not be used as a substitute for referring to a complete test standard, at an appropriate revision level.

Note: the terms salt spray, salt mist and salt fog are all in wide spread use within corrosion test standards. In this context they can be considered to be equivalent and interchangeable terms.


日产工程标准 – 复合材料腐蚀试验

NES M-0007用于测量试样暴露于盐雾,干燥和润湿(冷凝水湿度)等腐蚀性条件下时的生锈,起泡和粘附程度



  • CCT-1 – 盐雾(35°C,4小时)→干燥(60°C,2小时)→润湿(50°C,95%相对湿度,2小时)
  • 断续器-2- 盐雾(35°C,2小时)→干燥(60°C,2小时)→润湿(50°C,95%相对湿度,4小时)
  • CCT-4 -盐雾(35°C,10分钟)→干燥(60°C,155分钟)→润湿(60°C,95%相对湿度,75分钟),干燥子程序(60°C,160分钟)→润湿(60°C,95%RH,80分钟)重复5次