Corrosion Testing Standards

The test standard summaries are for general guidance only. Though believed to be accurate at the time of writing, this may change over time. So this information should not be used as a substitute for referring to a complete test standard, at an appropriate revision level.

Note: the terms salt spray, salt mist and salt fog are all in wide spread use within corrosion test standards. In this context they can be considered to be equivalent and interchangeable terms.

大众 PV 1209

PV 1209 气候腐蚀试验循环 (大众/奥迪)

该标准规定了一种测试方法,以确定铝合金制成的汽车冷凝器,水散热器和中间冷却器的耐腐蚀性。 它本质上是循环的,即;测试样品会随时间推移而暴露在不断变化的气候中。

将试样放置在封闭的腔室中(通常使用单独的盐雾室和受控的温度/湿度室),并暴露于包括以下2个循环在内的气候变化中。 暴露于P-VW 1210中规定的腐蚀测试周期5天。 接下来是2天暴露于P-VW 1200中规定的交替气候循环。 重复周期的次数,因此测试持续时间是可变的。

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