Corrosion Testing Standards

The test standard summaries are for general guidance only. Though believed to be accurate at the time of writing, this may change over time. So this information should not be used as a substitute for referring to a complete test standard, at an appropriate revision level.

Note: the terms salt spray, salt mist and salt fog are all in wide spread use within corrosion test standards. In this context they can be considered to be equivalent and interchangeable terms.

大众 PV 1200

大众VOLkswagon PV 1200测试规范描述了测试单元的环境循环测试(高温/低温循环),例如发动机舱内的车辆零件。
测试规范(例如温度-40°C)的目的是在具有加速时间效应的短期测试中发现组件弱点,而不是定义连续操作的一般组件要求。 这是大众大众/奥迪测试标准。 另请参见 PV 1209 % PV 1210。